“It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know of wonder and humility.”

~ Rachel Carson




 Trish & Garn      


I am Trish Robertson, and I own & operate Two Ravens Retreat. I have always been drawn to the peace and solitude of nature. Since childhood, I have been going into the woods, to lakes and the mountains with my family. The powerful characteristic of nature speaks to me and continues to draw me back. For years, I co-facilitated a women’s spiritual retreat called Women in the Wilderness. I continue to learn more every day about the natural world around me, and my place in this magnificent universe. Come let me share this experience with you.

My project manager is Garn Christensen. He comes with a great deal of experience in wilderness survival skills, guiding and outfitting. He ran a large Idaho back country ranch and river company for years, and has created and facilitated groups for children and men, and trained military pilots in survival skills. Garn is also a great camp cook and handy in the kitchen. His “tall tales” around the campfire are mesmerizing, and believe it or not, true.

And not to be forgotten is my dog Sierra, the alpha female on the mountain. She’s the one that is often mistaken for a white rock when curled up next to a campfire at night. She’s the boss of us all, or at least she thinks she is.

Two Ravens Retreat is an Idaho business that maintains the vision of a unique, simple experience for all who choose to come to the wilderness, to relax, reflect and ultimately find a new part of themselves or a piece/peace they have lost.

It is a rustic retreat that has been growing in an organic and environmentally sound way since my husband and I established it in 1993. Though the facilities remain simple at this time, we pride ourselves in a luxurious experience; good food, good company, hot baths... and on a clear night the best star show around! Our retreat is available to individuals or groups desiring an off-site venue, free from the distractions of our modern world. We have hosted school children, college classes, family reunions, weddings and seminars. Let us help you design the perfect get away for your gathering. If you are looking for a quiet personal retreat, we would like to help you find the peace and serenity in the process of self discovery. Take a break from your life and find yourself.

There are many options to personalize your stay with us. Retreat guests can stay in a variety of quiet, rustic lodgings. Facilities range from a small cottage, or stay in a tipi or a canvas wall tent. We also encourage good old fashioned camping with tents, pads and sleeping bags, so you can bring your own gear and food, and stay in our exclusive private campground. Or let us do more of the work for you. We have equipment available for those that might wish to rent.

We have been off the grid since the beginning, and plan to remain so. We are constantly looking at new technologies that can be utilized at our facility. It is a joy to share some of the possibilities available for all to use that may help return our earth to a healthier state and maintain it. We were green before it was IN.

If it is true that what we give our attention to expands, then we offer you greater peace and serenity in your experience at our mountain retreat.

Our forested mountain retreat offers an opportunity to spend time among the pines and aspens, walk in the high meadows, watch the sunrise and the alpenglow. Come experience a calorie free Milky Way. Our star shows are simply amazing.

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