“The idea of wilderness needs no defense. It only needs more defenders.”

~ Edward Abby



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Two Ravens is an excellent workshop site - a gorgeous natural setting in the wilderness, the old Grandmother Tree where we conducted most of our deep ecology processes, is a permanent fixture on our website. The food was awesome...Wow, fresh salmon!
John Seed 

Two Ravens is far more than just another site for a retreat. It's home to a powerful idea that is working its way into the world. Through a mix of perspiration and inspiration, Two Ravens has come to embody the spirit behind a new and more sustainable way of doing things. I first visited this land in the early 1980s, and my time with the stewards of this special place prompted me to return. Now, whenever I think of the perfect setting for a learning program, and of a dive into the deepest aspect of Nature, I'm always ready to head back into those mountains and onto that consecrated land.
Gordon Feller, CEO
Urban Age Institute
San Francisco, California

For several days each autumn, I have led a group of honors students from Boise State University to Two Ravens as part of a course entitled Ecopsychology. The whole focus of the outing (and the course) was to give city kids a sense of the therapeutic value of nature on the human mind, body and soul. The students slept in a teepee, ate outdoors, mediated, hiked in the adjacent Sawtooth National Recreation Area, bathed in hot springs and learned about medicinal and gastronomic uses of native plants. Two Ravens staff and I were there, of course, as “human” teachers. But in my mind, the real uniqueness of Two Ravens, unlike so many outdoor retreats, lies in the fact that its primitiveness and raw beauty, up against a backdrop of the majestic Sawtooth Mountains, never interferes with the real teacher, Mother Nature herself.
David H. Greegor, Jr. Ph.D.
Former Adjunct Professor, Boise State University


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